Adapted by Rafi from Ms. Angell's in-class notes

Intro Paragraph Edit

Thesis Sentence Edit

  • Main argument + three divisions of proof

Body Paragraph #1 Edit

Topic Sentence Edit

  • Topic sentence main idea related to division of proof 1
  • Analytical, not summative
  • Identify | Verb | Finish the thought
    • Identify - main idea of paragraph
    • Finish the thought - connect to thesis

Key Idea #1 Edit

  • Reason, detail, fact
  • Leads into evidence, explains what about the evidence you are focusing on

Evidence #1 Edit

  • Quote, paraphrased summary
  • MLA
    • Quote: "[content]" (#).
    • Paraphrase: [content] (#).

Commentary / Analysis #1 Edit

  • The why (1-4 sentences)
    • Explain why the quote is evidence
    • How the quote proves the claim
    • Explaining how the quote relates to TS and supports the point

Repeat! Edit

Create two more sets of key idea, evidence, and commentary, and then create two more body paragraphs like this one.

Conclusion Edit

Closing Statement Edit

  • Link idea in paragraphs to thesis