Written by Lesli

Handling the immigration issues that are going on today is getting difficult for many mexicans, nicaragua, guatemala, el salvador crossing the border. I think deportation and the treatment that the border patrol do to some innocent people is not fair for some families that simply want a chance of the  “American Dream”. The right of being here  give us freedom and privileges in this country, but also freedom of discrimination which is not really respected because theres still police and people calling each other names and racist comments.                                                           

To be a citizen in the u.s. you have to take responsibilities that are legally required. They want to keep america a free and prosperous nation. They want us to defend their country like it’s our home country. We also have rights that are giving us freedom to express, to vote , to worship, and to pursue to where we want to go or to what we want to be.

What immigrants expect from the community is to have the same rights as everyone else. To be treated like we are something in this country. Have our parents living with us and not sending us back to our home country. No children deserve to suffer for their parents by leaving them here with no one else. Children should not have the fear in their hearts that it might be the last time they will see their parents again.

My thoughts on my personal experience on immigration is hopefully they could stop deporting immigrants back to where they are from it was the worst feeling when they deported my dad and not knowing when will be the day that I will get to see him again. Leaving me a new born baby and my sister was difficult growing up without a dad role model because most of the time my mom wasn't there because she had to work to get money for us. So most of the time I would be by myself and go to other houses and pretend like that was my house and my little play place. I would get in trouble in going to other peoples house because I didn't know them or tell them anything so they would be worried looking for me.

Also, parents suffer as well because many children cross the border without an adult. Many of the children “that have” come to the u.s to have a better education, and some may have come to the united states because of their parents abusing of them, drug violence, etc. How a mother said to the CNN news "My children were heartbroken, sad, tearful, crying beyond comparison, begging me to take them out of there," Marroquin, 25, said. "Their begging was so distressing because I couldn't run to get them."

( Most of children don't make it because of the gangs kidnapping them. The rates of children crossing has gotten worse within the first five months of this year.